EXTINCT HUMANS | Ancient Human Species that went Extinct in the Ancient Past

When we look around nature we will be familiar with the diverse life forms found on earth which includes aquatic and terrestrial life forms. But it’s not over there; there are subspecies/breeds within the species. But what about we humans why don't we have diverse breeds just like any other life forms found on earth, are we all alone? Or did they extinct in the ancient past?
 ancient human king ram fights, the demon king Ravana with the help of the vanara army.

When we go through the ancient Sanskrit texts (one of the oldest languages on earth) we will find different kinds of species looking similar to humans, co-existing with humans were described with different names like vanara, Gandharva, Kim-Purusha, Daityas(giants)…..etc. all having their unique abilities and characteristics, who were more advanced and civilized than today's modern humans. And modern studies show that we HOMO (Humans) emerged close to 300000- 200000 years ago, so who existed before that? 
What could have possibly happened that has shaped modern human existence? And why did they go extinct? Is it due to the climate changes? Or could it be a part of evolution or did humans were able to successfully adapt to the changes, while other species couldn’t, or did they go extinct due to the major wars that have taken place in the ancient past? or as they had access to more advanced technology and resources than today, did they flew away from earth to another planet? Or something else, which we modern humans need to seek from the cosmos.

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