Humans in The Universe | purpose of humans existence in the universe

portraying different worlds and types of life found in the universe in Hinduism (vaishnavism)

We humans often take pride in being the most powerful species ever existed on the planet earth, staying on top of the food chains and having control over all other life forms, even though we are neither the strongest nor the largest.
But it is not the same in the arena of the cosmos, here the size matters! The object's strength and life depend on its mass and density.  The weaker matter or an object with lesser mass revolves around the stronger ones for their survival and stability. Humans have their limitations for our survival, even though we are quite flexible in slit changes in our environment, but the gravity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and light.  
There are a lot of external factors beyond our earth and our solar system that influences the survival of the life forms on earth. In the night sky when we look at the stars or the moon our eyes cannot visualise the objects without light being emitted or reflected by the objects, and we can’t hear a sound without medium between the objects being vibrated, and the gravity we are experiencing on earth is influenced from not just earth and sun alone, but from beyond our solar system as each of the stars and galaxies and star systems are co-dependent on each other which we humans are yet to seek.