Aliens and the Gold | A period when gods traded with the ancient humans

The blazing and glittering metal that is primarily used in making ornaments and other pieces of jewellery is one of the rare and precious materials found in the universe. We can trace the mining and application of gold to the early civilizations of mankind. And in the modern world gold is also used in electronics, medicinal purposes and there could be many more applications which we humans are discovering day by day.
humans trading with the gods

And when we look at our ancient scriptures and mythological stories we’ll be familiar with the incidents where humans trade and donate precious minerals and stones with the gods, to the exchange of their knowledge and technology, and ancient human kings built marvellous structures and palaces to honour the gods in the exchange of advanced weapons and technology. So, who were those gods, were they one of the advanced extraterrestrial beings who trained and traded with the humans.

Different religious structures all having aerodynamically designed tips.
When we consider the world's ancient and major religious structures, they all share a common design having a tower-like appearance with a pointy tip made of metals. And in Sanskrit, the temple structure is also called as Devas-staana, (a place gods reside). So, was ancient temple structures were used by gods or extraterrestrial beings to communicate to another planet, if so what is the role of gold on top of the tower! can the complex building structure transmit and receive cosmic waves….. the Vedic science says so… this is the reason most of the Hindu god's idols in their temples are decorated with gold and other precious stones, did they have the ability to absorb and transmit cosmic energy to the humans.
What we consider today as temples or a place of worship may not be the same few thousands of years ago; due to recent wars and invasions between nations and religions, most of the religious texts and ancient could have been destroyed and lost. But the question that wanders the human is why did they stop communicating with humans? And are they watching us? If so what’s the purpose?  Only the future can answer these questions.