Battle between advanced Extraterrestrials/Aliens for the Superiority over Planet Earth

Take whichever religious texts or any ancient scriptures, irrespective of language, religion or geographical location of all over the earth we can see the descriptions of gods and demons, and rivalry between both. Though their characteristics and features were similar, but they are given different names all across the different religious texts, namely: Anunnakis, Asuras, Devas, Giants, Satan and so on. Their presence and involvement with humans in the ancient past is mentioned and recorded, some in the form of scriptures and few in the form of stories.
So, who exactly were those creatures? Why did they reach earth? Why did they help humans? Why did they fight with each other? And finally, why did they leave earth? firstly speaking about their existence, some modern theorists might argue that the gods mentioned in the ancient scriptures might be some advanced life forms, that might have gone extinct in the past, but that might not be true as most of the scriptures describe their arrival from distant star systems or Heavens, and we could also see some unique physical characteristics of gods having multiple shoulders, processing wings, reptile like body and many more, this could indicate that the gods and demons which were mentioned in the ancient scriptures might be some advanced race of extraterrestrial beings, that contacted the ancient earth.
Arjuna receiving celestial weapon (pashupathastra) from lord Shiva.
Why did they reach earth? And why did they help humans evolve? Were they kind hearted as preached by the religious leaders, possibly not, when we take look at the ancient drawings we can see ancient humans donating gold and other precious minerals to the gods, so the gods or extraterrestrials could have arrived to the earth to mine the resources and could have trained and shared the knowledge with the ancient humans to increase their efficiency in working.
If so, then who were the demons? Possibly they might be some other race of advanced extraterrestrial beings that might have rivaled against the gods and fought for the authority over planet earth. As Napoleon Bonaparte one said “history is a set of lies agrees upon” so, possibly the demons could have lost the battle against gods, and gods would have written the history books. This could be the reason the gods are often portrayed as humble, kind and generous and demons were portrayed as cruel, selfish and barbaric.
God Krishna riding on his vimana (UFO) to defeat demons.
And finally why did they leave planet earth? Possibly the earth went out of resources or they could have discovered some new planets or the gods and demons could have come to an agreement of leaving the earth alone. Whatever the reason could be, the involvement of some advanced life forms that has shaped our existence is not deniable, but finding out exact history is bit complicated, as these incidents happened thousands of years ago, and the history books were either destroyed or corrupted in the transition.

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