Even in today's world of science and technology, there are still billions of humans believing in God and religion around the world. Each having different gods (deities) beliefs, culture and faith attached to it. Religions played a very important role in humans history by shaping cultures, civilisations, and society, and it is still the backbone of their culture and beliefs.
 There are different kinds of religions and faiths found among believers primarily:
  •          Monotheism: Belief in single god or deity
  •          Polytheism: belief in more than one god or deity
  •          Nature Worship: Spiritual practices that focus on worshipping of nature spirits

Here the interesting fact is that there might be yen number of religions with differences in beliefs, faith, gods with different names and culture, but there is a lot of similarities between different religious Gods/deities around the world, which is quite interesting to know.

1.     Gods arrived from heavens to help humans

In every religion of the world, there is a term called Heaven and hell, where heaven is a place gods reside, and hell is a place demons reside. It is mentioned that gods came down to earth from the distant stars, which might be some advanced extraterrestrial/ Alien life visited earth in the ancient past.

2.     Gods fought with Demons (Evil forces) to save the earth

If there's good, there's always bad. And if there are demons, there will god to save or fight demons. There were a lot of incidents and scenes portrayed in ancient religious scriptures where gods fight against the army of demons to earth and life on earth. But when we review those incidents the demons might be the rival aliens who fought with Gods for the authority over planet earth and possibly lost the battle. And the gods wrote the history books, portraying demons as cruel and barbarous.

3.     They possessed advanced technology and weapons
Zeus/Indra with his weapon Thunderbolt (vajrayuda)

When we take a look at the ancient paintings and scriptures, we can notice gods and demons both using vehicles able to fly in unbelievable speed to distant planets and on earth. And they also possessed advanced celestial weapons that do massive damage to the enemies.

4.     They built their cities/civilisation on earth
SIGIRIYA  ancient palace in sri lanka, believed to be built by demon king Ravana

The archaeological teams in the modern world are discovering something new daily, and still have no clue regarding Ancient lost cities, relics, building structures that are gigantic and had no purpose to serve to the ancient humans. All these might be the proof of the abandoned cities/civilizations which was once occupied by some advanced extraterrestrial beings from some distant planet leftover, and later left planet earth for some unknown reason. Some of the cities mentioned of gods that were mentioned in ancient scriptures were Atlantis, Dwaraka and ancient Mayan cities.

5.     They bred with ancient humans
JESUS, who is believed to be the son of god given birth by virgin female.

When we read the ancient mythological stories from all around the world, we can notice one primary thing; they (extraterrestrials) only interacted primarily with humans who possessed power/Authority over other humans, mainly Emperors, Chiefs, and Nobles. And sometimes they also had physical contact with human females and bred their offsprings on earth.

6.     They played part in ancient wars
Gods watching kurukshetra war from the sky

Though most of our ancient history pages have vanished, when we take a look at the remaining pages, we can see that there was an influence of gods in the ancient wars that have resulted in a large number of deaths and casualties. Some of the primary wars that have taken place are the Battle of Troy, Mahabharata and many more.

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