Though we humans live on the same planet, utilizing the same elements like, Sun, Water, Earth, and Air, those are the necessities for our existence. But we have created imaginable and non-existing boundaries within us, each territory/ country has its own unique and distinct Flags, Emblem, Seal and Symbol, differentiating from others. So, if all humans originated as the same, what made us create those boundaries that have created rivalry and lack of unity among humans? 
We can trace back the usage of symbols and seals to the ancient mythological periods, when the gods and demons visited earth from the distant planets, rivaled on earth for authority, and had prolonged interactions with ancient humans by helping humans in shaping their sovereign civilizations.
But, when we take a look at the different pictures, paintings and carvings, and statues of ancient times, we can notice that the body features and characteristics of gods vary from place to place. While few gods looked similar to gods, and few had a body features like reptiles, few gods were Giant, while few were tiny, and few gods were a combination of mammals and reptiles. This could indicate that the planet earth was visited by more than one race of Extraterrestrial/Alien life in the ancient past.
Because the earth and humans were governed and guided by different extraterrestrial races, each of those races created and displayed unique symbols, which would be helpful to mark their territories and building structures and to exercise the authority over that specific area. In the later periods, humans began to incorporate those symbols in newly constructed buildings and structures, in the belief of protection from the gods.
Now let’s take a look at some of the most Ancient and sacred symbols seen around the world:


The origins and usage of the symbol Ankh dates back to the "First Dynasty" of Ancient Egypt (30.000 Years BC), and is used as a symbol to represent "Life". The symbol was held by ancient Egyptian gods (deities), displaying their power and authority over humans and the universe. And in the later ages, the neighboring cultures adopted the symbol as a variant of Christian cross.


Swastika’s usage can be seen as old as 500BCE in Indian sub-continent, the word swastika is derived from the Sanskrit root swasti, which is composed of su ('"good, well') and Asti ('it is; there is'), and was used primarily in the cultures of Eurasia as a sacred symbol, until Nazi’s used the symbol as Aryan Identity, which resulted in world war 2.

Laurel wreath

Laurel wreath is often worn by emperors, kings, nobles, in some countries, it is also worm as a symbol of master's degree, as a garland around the neck or as a chaplet around the head. But its origin and usage go back to Greek mythology, where Olympian deities wore laurel wreath as a symbol of power, authority and victory over their rivals. Later the custom was adopted by human rulers.

Tripundra and Urdhva pundra
Urdhva pundra on fore-head
Tripundra on fore-head

Unlike any other civilizations where humans had interactions with one race of extraterrestrials, the region of ancient India, Malaysia, Thailand, and other south Asian countries was Hotspot for those extraterrestrials for some unknown reasons, and the power of authority frequently shifted between two races Devas and Asuras. Deva's power was scattered in northern India, and Eurasia, while Asura's power and authority were scattered in south India, Sri Lanka, Bali, Thailand, and many other Island countries.
The devas marked their region and style of architecture with 3 vertically passing straight lines, while Asuras marked theirs with 3 Horizontally passing straight lines. And both the extraterrestrial races shared rich, unique, and distinct knowledge, which cherished the ancient human civilizations.

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