EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE | Why humans need to change their view of looking at the universe

We, humans, are curious by nature, we were explorer from the ancient time that has brought evolution to humans and shaped our future. Even though humans are staying on earth for hundreds of years, were just started to explore the planet and day by day were inventing new and discovering some new life on earth at a rapid rate, yet still is waiting to be explored.
And we didn't limit our exploration to our earth, were also exploring the space to hunt for new planets that could host life as a secondary planet for humans. Our intent of the human race might be right, but our approach of looking for life needs to be revised. We just cannot tag or declare/ differentiate as living and non-living as we do on earth; we need to broaden our spectrum of understanding life sources in the universe.
As we know all the matter in the universe found in the universe is made of atoms, and each atom has its composition and vibrations.and everything from an atom to back hole have life cycles at its own time frame, So now what exactly is living thing?
  •          A thing that can move
  •          A thing that can grow
  •          A thing that can change
  •          A thing that has needs

These are a few of the requirements to tag something as living things….right? But what if I say everything in this universe from a tiny atom to a massive black hole or beyond that has life just like anything that can be found on earth.
Let's take our sun as an example of a non-living thing, but wait!
  •          Our sun can move in the space
  •          Our sun can grow too
  •          Our sun has changes and life cycle too (Nebula, Protostar, Main Sequence, Red Giant, White Dwarf
  •          And our sun relies on Sagittarius A* for its Gravity to stay in the Milky Way Galaxy

These are just a few which we humans need to sort out when finding extraterrestrial life in the universe. While we have so much diverse life form on the earth which are different from each other, we can expect some surprises waiting in the universe to be explored. And it would be funny if we just expect a human-like creature from a distant planet, holding a smartphone in the hand and waiting to welcome us.