Defining God | Striking a line Between The Supreme Creator and Ancient Aliens

In today’s world where though technology has revolutionized our cultures and lifestyles, still the religion and beliefs of a person play a role in his life. From ancient times religions played a vital role in shaping our civilizations and our practices. We often come across where people argue and debate in different media regarding different topics related to religions, gods, deities, customs, and authenticity of ancient religious scriptures.
But to be precise, what exactly is god does he exist or is it just our illusionary creation? Then who were those deities who arrived from distant star systems and interacted with humans in ancient times? Were ancient deities some extraterrestrial beings who were much more advanced than the human race? Why did they help humans evolve and finally why did they leave? Though these questions cannot trace a direct answer from sources, still we can analyze the ancient scriptures that recorded the incidents that occurred a few thousands of years ago.
Firstly who is god; God is not something that looks like similar to humans as shown by some religious preachers, when we can find billions of creatures on earth if God does really exist who created the entire cosmos and life in it, definitely he does not have pre-defined shape, gender, or color as portrayed in scriptures. God is something which is the reason for the creation and existence of the universe and life in it, without which it seize to exist. So, god is everything that is found in the universes, the matters, energies that keep the cycle of cosmos moving, everything in the universe is made from the same matter and energies, but the proportions of matter and arrangement of molecules are different from each other.
Then who were those ancient deities found in ruined sites and scriptures? They were some advanced extraterrestrials who arrived at planet earth on their motives. When we analyze different mythological scriptures of different regions across the earth, we can see some similarities and few differences between deities; these could indicate that more than one race of extraterrestrial races visited earth in ancient times, with different motives.
In reality, God does not have a defined shape or name as mentioned in religious scriptures, all of the names and features of god is given by the authors who wrote the scriptures.
Practice of idol worship: though early humans were nature worshippers, once the extraterrestrial gods visited and had huge influence on human civilizations, and in order to honor their help in providing technology and knowledge to humans, humans began to portray statues of them in public places and used to celebrate festivals in behalf of their accomplishments on earth, believing that they were the protectors of earth, which was in later times turned into tradition.
Arjuna getting celestial weapons from lord shiva
Evidence of God in ancient scriptures: It is no doubt that the God who created the humans and the earth, also created the ancient deities who visited earth in ancient times, but different compositions. This proof can be heard in mythical stories in a few of the incidents when Zeus/Indra was in losing stage against the demons, he would approach the Supreme Being in the cosmos to the solution, to protect the righteousness. Though God doesn't discriminate among beings, God often monitors the cosmos to eliminate threats, which are against the law of cosmos and helps the rightful species evolve to the full extent to defend the law.
Holy messengers: we can see these characters of holy messengers sent by God to protect the law and righteousness on earth, namely Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha and more. After a long period of extraterrestrials domination on earth, the earth was finally freed and there was a need to establish peace and spread the truth of cosmos to earth. And many new religions evolved in that namely Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and many more. And the new religions have no practice idol worship like ancient religions, and the followers were preached with modern ethics and practice of praying to God who is formless.
The evidence of messengers sent by God to earth can be read in the book of Bhagavad-Gita when lord Krishna preaches the divine knowledge in the verse
 BG: 4.7 - Yada Yada Hi dharmasya Glanir bhavathy Bharata,
 Abyuthaanam Adharmasya ThadatManam Srijamy Aham.
Meaning: Whenever evil flourishes in the world, God takes human form to destroy the evil people. This happens in every yuga.
Whichever creature or species might be, or wherever it might exist on the universe, the final fact is everything has come from the same point and source, so do humans. If God is omnipresent and present everywhere in the universe and beyond, so does he stays within you and all of us. Instead of searching god in the scriptures and idols, it's better to search within ourselves and others, by spreading love and harmony all across the world within all creatures.
“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” =  "the world is one family"