In the universe, if a planet needs to support life on it there are both internal and external factors influencing both planet and life on it, internal factors being atmosphere, resources, planets gravity, and heat, And external factors being light, energy, Gravity from its star and movements of other planets, that are not questionable. Because our planet earth has everything rightly arranged both internally and externally there is life on earth.
But, what if we could change those factors to our interests, and is it really possible? Has it happened in the past? And is there any clue? Internally on earth, there are a lot of ruins and mysteries that are yet to be solved by archaeologists and historians. But externally there is one thing which brain-teases our minds, that is the formation of Saturn rings. Even after years of studies from scientists they are not able to exactly explain the reason for its formation.
And is there any record of Saturn’s ring in any of the mythology? Probably yes, we can find the reason behind the creation of Saturn’s ring in the story of Ravana, the ancient king of Lanka (Sri Lanka).

portrait of king Ravana

It was a period on earth when many other powerful beings co-existed with humans, and humans had god connections with extraterrestrials. And Ravana was an extraterrestrial being having a bloodline of Asura, Daityas, Yaksha, and Deva, so he possessed all the features and characteristics. He is often portrayed having ten heads, which symbolizes his mastery in four Vedas and six Shastras, he was a well-learned Brahmin (scholar) and had mastered the knowledge of celestial weapons, cosmos, and astrology.
Ravana took over the kingdom of Lanka unlawfully from his brother Kubera and filled his kingdom with the army of Asuras and Daityas from the lower worlds. The humans and other beings on earth were treated as low class, and humans were often fed as food to his army. He was so powerful he controlled all of the earth, heavens, and other lower worlds; he also had the power to control all the planetary movements according to his interest.


It was a time Ravana’s wife Mandodari was giving birth to his son Meghnath, so Ravana wanted an auspicious positioning of planets in his son's Horoscope, so he ordered all the planets to move to a certain degree from the earth, which would favor his son’s future. All other planets obeyed his order except, Saturn that moved out of control at the time of Meghnath’s birth. The furious Ravana took his mace and broke one of the Saturn’s legs, making him lame forever.
So in the story what exactly did happen, did Ravana possessed the capability of controlling the movements of planets in the solar system? And what does it mean he broke the one of the Saturn's leg? Did he actually bombard one of Saturn's moons?  Most probably yes, even the modern research states that Saturn's ring was formed by the remains of a moon, which makes sense to agree with some parts of the story.
These incidents often show that the stories written in ancient past which we today consider as mythology were real incidents that have occurred a long time ago, and we modern humans should review the ancient scriptures and analyze the real truth that is lost in the wilderness.