Muhammad also referred to as Prophet Muhammad or the last prophet was a religious leader and founder of Islam, also to be the successors of previous messengers Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets. It is mentioned he was an orphan and was taken care by his paternal grandfather Abd al-Muttalib, he usually used to isolate himself by meditating in a mountain cave named Hira, and this was the place Gabriel revealed in front of the Muhammad and gave him the message from god. Alongside founding Islam he also played a vital role in uniting the whole of Arabia and beyond by his successors.
Apart from his success in founding new religion and establishing law and order in the whole of Arabia, there was a incident recorded in Islamic scriptures of hadith and Sirah literature, where one night after Muhammad offered his night prayers fell asleep, and angel Gabriel wakes him up and tears his chest open and fills his heart with wisdom, and lead to a creature called Buraq, a white mount that was smaller than a mule, but larger than a donkey. And the buraq carried Muhammad from Mecca to al-Masjid al-Aqsa in a blink of an eye and offered prayers alongside other angels.
muhammad seated on Buraq, and travelling to heavens
After their prayers in masjid al-Aqsa, Muhammad was taken on a journey to the seven heavens, where the lowest being the earth, and each heaven is larger than the previous one. Prophet Muhammad described the size of the heavens; the first heaven, as compared to the second, is similar to a small ring in the desert, and he continued this narrative until he described the sixth heaven as being the size of a ring in the desert compared to the seventh heaven.
In the journey, he meets all the previous prophets of gods who preached messages previously to humans before Muhammad, namely; Adam, Jesus, Joseph, Idris, Aaron, and Moses. Finally, Muhammad and Gabriel reached seventh heaven and received the commands of gods, which included Muhammad bargaining with god for decreasing prayer times from fifty to five times. After Muhammad's journey to heavens was completed he was dropped at Jerusalem and goes back to Mecca to spread the word of god to mankind.  Shockingly Muhammad noticed that it was still the same night on earth and the time hasn’t passed on earth, his long journey to heavens meant nothing on earth.
Angel gabriel metting muhammad

In my previous blog,WHEN ANCIENT GODS PAUSED TIME! I have mentioned few incidents from Hindu mythology when god paused time on earth, also there were few incidents when humans were taken to heavens (Lokas), but not with the human body! Yes, when humans were taken to heavens their physical body was replaced with a different one that could withstand the space and time travel. And in the Islam mythological story, its quite different, they took Muhammad with the human body by filling some kind of wisdom in the heart, the human body was able to withstand the time and space travel.
In this story we need to notice few things, the Buraq: a strange animal which Muhammad himself has not seen before, that can take him to long distances in a blink of an eye, did he witness some kind of advanced space vehicle that he couldn’t describe? What about the wisdom poured in Muhammad’s heart, was it some kind of advanced medicine developed by an advanced race of extraterrestrials that could make humans body compatible for space and time travel? And when he traveled a long distance to different heavens and came back on the same night, definitely he was mentioning about time dilation in space!
If that was the case what was their goal? Intention?  Why do they approach selected humans? Are they shaping our future? Or trying to establish superiority over the earth? Only time can answer these questions!