While today's modern scientific discoveries might be fascinating to many by excelling the feats which were considered to be impossible a few centuries ago, in fields such as medicine, computers, space, and more. But at the same time, it is also hurting few people’s beliefs, sentiments, emotions by proving the errors recorded in their ancient scriptures, and debunking the myths followed from ancient times, which also includes the belief in Flat Earth.

Flat earth is/was a belief of ancient humans that the earth is flat in a shape of a disk, surrounded by ocean, and has an edge around the circle, where the earth would end for all. There are strong beliefs and pieces of evidence that we humans were influenced by some advanced extraterrestrial forces in ancient times and they played a prominent role in shaping mankind by sharing knowledge and technologies to the humans that resulted in advanced civilization on earth.

But today’s science theories prove that some of the ancient scriptures mentioning the shape of the earth are wrong, as the original shape of the earth as an oblate spheroid, while the ancient scriptures describe the earth’s shape to be flat, which was believed to be transmitted to humans by gods who visited earth from heavens. But, what if the ancient gods instead, transferred the rightful information, and we humans wrongly understood and documented their knowledge, which includes the shape of the earth. we all know that we are living in a 3D world, and the only way the ancient humans could have found the shape of the earth is watching the earth from the space, which was not possible for the ancient humans, and the ancient gods/Angels would have mostly portrayed the earth’s shape to the humans in 2D form, in the 2D sphere will look like a circle, most of the ancient descriptions on the shape of the earth were displayed either through paintings, carvings which can only portray the 2D model of the earth, which is a circle with edges around it.
A 2D map of the earth

Even in the modern-day, it is too complex and confusing to understand and explain the different dimensions of the universe with the help of 3D models, now just imagine how a person living thousands of years ago with the primitive technology could have understood the earth with the help of only 2D models with very limited resource and knowledge.

What's more mysterious and interesting about these scriptures is the creation and relation between the earth and heaven. As per most of the ancient scriptures, earth and heaven were created together, they are fixed, immovable which are connected by some mysterious invisible pillar or some sort of portal, which makes earth and heaven inter-connected, so God can easily access the earth from the heaven through angels.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the quotes/verses from some of the ancient religious scriptures indicating the shape of the earth and the mysterious knot between the earth and the heavens.

When in the height heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name,
And the primeval Apsu, who begat them,
And chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both
Their waters were mingled together,
And no field was formed, no marsh was to be seen;
When of the gods none had been called into being,
And none bore a name, and no destinies were ordained;
Then were created the gods in the midst of heaven,
Lahmu and Lahamu were called into being...

The above text is from a Sumerian tablet speaking about the creation and evolution process on heavens and the earth, here alongside the creation there is an indication that earth and heavens have been created at once, mingled together, and formed some sort of bond.

 The ancient Hindu books Vedas, that speaks about different ways of appealing gods(Deva's), considered to be the demi-gods who descended from heaven, with the orders of the lord, and lead by Indra/ Zeus/Ashur, mentions a verse from Rigveda from Mandal=10, Hymn=89, verse =4

I will send forth my songs in flow unceasing, like water from the ocean’s depth, to Indra. Who to his car on both its sides securely hath fixed the earth and heaven as an axle.

The above verse from rig Veda indicates there is some sort of permanent connection (portal) been established by ancient gods from which the gods/Angels arrive and exit the planet earth.

In the Book of Genesis, they have mentioned the portal and the usage of the portal by angels

G: 28:12

"And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven. And behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it!"

Here is a clear mention that there is a sort of connection, that can carry angels from earth to heaven and vice-versa.

Also, the holy Quran mentions the connection between earth and heaven, in verse: Q=13:2

It is Allah who erected the heavens without pillars that you [can] see; then He established Himself above the Throne and made subject the sun and the moon, each running [its course] for a specified term. He arranges [each] matter; He details the signs that you may, of the meeting with your Lord, be certain.

In the above verse, they are certainly once again talking about the portal between the earth and heaven and say that the pillar is not visible to the human eyes.

The reason behind the invisibility of the portal or the connection between the earth and the heaven to human eyes can be traced in the book of Bhagavad_Gita, in BG=11:8
Krishna preaching arjuna

na tu mam sakyase drastum
anenaiva sva-caksusa
divyam dadami te caksuh
pasya me yogam aisvaram
But you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give to you divine eyes by which you can behold My mystic opulence.

Here, Krishna, who is considered to be the supreme lord of the universe explains Arjuna, that there are few things in the universe, which naked human eyes cannot see, so he gave Arjuna the divine eyes to have a look at his cosmic body.

 By the above verses from different religious texts indicate that there is energy, creation, knowledge, life, beyond our humans reach and understanding, and the invisible structure between the earth depicts the modern concept of the wormhole, which is a  shortcut passage that connects two different points of space-time that is far away from each other, for quicker access between. These scriptures also indirectly speak of the inferiority complex of humans in the universe, and the existence of larger life forms in the universe, and their indirect influence over the earth.



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