Technology which is considered to be the backbone of the humans evolution from stone age to the space age by making our lives easier and convenient for our survival in the harsh wilderness of the earth, but as we advanced were losing the touch with our surroundings, our environment, our universe, we're forgetting who we are. As I mentioned in my previous articles every atom in the universe counts, so does we humans! Cosmos does not create something that it doesn’t need, everything it creates has a role and purpose to play in it, so what about we humans? What is our role? Are we lost or diverted? Or are we guided by some advanced life forms?

But, ancient scriptures across contains a lot of detailed illustrations about various activities happening on earth and beyond describes different kinds of technologies used by gods or deities who visited earth from heavens and their role in shaping mankind with their advanced technologies. And we modern humans could not digest those incidents or miracles witnessed by our human ancestors and consider those scriptures as myths.

Something that is witnessed and recorded across the world with a lot of similarities cannot be a fantasy or a co-incident, our ancestors might be witnessing something extraordinary that is out of this world and difficult to understand and record, something which might be the technologies used by extraterrestrials on earth in ancient times.

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible technologies used by extraterrestrial gods on earth, which still baffles our mind:

Archaeological technologies:

While looking at some of the ancient ruins left by ancient technologies of architecture a lot of us question themselves how could something so gigantic and detailed architecture be constructed by our ancestors with primitive tools? Or were they guided by some advanced life forms? According to the ancient Hindu and ancient Mesopotamian’s writings, when gods resided on earth they brought some finest architectures from heavens to supervise the constructions on earth, they possessed advanced architectural technologies such as:

Levitating stones: 

When we take a look at the ancient constructions such as Great_Pyramid_of_Giza, Machu_PicchuStonehenge etc, these are the type of constructions which we modern humans cannot construct using today’s technology, according to many theories there was extraterrestrials involvement in the construction of these monuments, most recently Somnath_temple in India had idol which would levitate in the air without any physical support which was later destroyed by Muslim invaders.
Kailasa temple, ellora_ india

Dissolving stones:

There is a mysterious temple in India called Kailasa_temple,_Ellora which is constructed from a single rock and upside down, the construction began from the top portion and ended below. And an estimated 200.000 tons of rock was removed for its construction, and surprisingly the removed rock was dumped nowhere near the construction site, it just disappeared. So what happened to the removed rock? And what was the technology used in construction? Apart from the temple complex, there are a lot of tunnels and small holes that lead to the underground, many claims that there is an underground city of extraterrestrials below the temple complex, and the authorities have prohibited the access to enter those tunnels.

Biological technologies:

While the religious scriptures preach that humans were directly created by God, while modern scientific research preaches the theory of evolution. What if both are relevant? What if alongside the biological changes in humans there was the involvement of an advanced extraterrestrial to boost the development of humans on earth? According to the ancient scriptures, angels and gods did some incredible feats in ancient times and played a vital part in shaping mankind, such as

Abnormal pregnancy;

There are a lot of incidents recorded in Christian and Hindu scriptures where a woman gets pregnant without having any sort of sexual intercourse with the opposite sex and not losing their virginity and in several instances, women have regained their virginity as a boon from gods after having an intercourse.
Mary mother of Jesus, receiving blessings from god and angel's 

Artificial womb:

In the Hindu scripture Mahabharata, there are few incidents recorded where the sperm of humans or the egg of the female is collected inside the containers and develop them into fully grown infant inside the artificial containers.

Space and time travel:

We, humans, are always curious by nature and always wondering what is beyond our earth, does life exist anywhere else in the universe? Can we travel to different planets? But our ancient scriptures say a different kind of story from what we are dreaming! According to many ancient scriptures, our body and soul are two different entities, our body cannot withstand beyond our earth, but our soul can. 

There are few incidents recorded in Islamic and Hindu scriptures when a human soul gets transferred to another body that can withstand space travel, when traveling to heavens or different planets alongside gods, and it is also mentioned that time runs slower on heaven when compared to earth.