Lost Ancient Cities Believed to be Constructed by Extraterrestrial Gods!

When we take a look at today’s modern architecture and the technology we use in our constructions, we often wonder how far can we advance our technologies in the fields of arts and architecture. Also, we should agree that the modern technology we use today is an improvised version of the primitive building architecture used a few thousand years ago. But there’s a puzzle to solve here, not all of the ancient structures built in the past are primitive, some are very complex and advanced to such an extent that they are beyond the reach of reconstructing using our modern technologies.
Though most of these cities are ruined or submerged, still their presence and glory can be witnessed in ancient scriptures and stories. As per most of the ancient religious texts, gods and other race of beings descended from the stars(heavens) and helped humans in evolving culturally and technologically, and sometimes gods and demons of different origins and interests constructed cities for themselves on different parts of the earth.
Let’s take a look at some of the lost ancient cities believed to constructed by extraterrestrial gods:

 Dwaraka (the Gated City):
A view of Dwaraka island from the mainland india
A view of Dwaraka island from the mainland india

Also called as dvaravati meaning gated city was an island city mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, present-day located beneath the Arabian_Seafloor, close to the shores of the state of Gujarat (India), the city was founded and ruled by Lord Krishna who is considered as one of the Avatar of Lord Vishnu (the supreme being) and was constructed by Vishvakarman, the chief celestial architect of Devas(gods), according to Harivamsa,  Dwaraka was a well-planned city with lined houses to large temples and filled with earthly and celestial gems. After the end of the Kurukshetra War, began another war between lord Krishna and king Salwa, Salwa with the help of Mayasura, (chief architect of Danavas and Asuras)was able to get a Vimana(flying saucers) called Saubha Vimana to wage a war on Krishna, and the battle was intense, Salwa with the help of his indestructible vimana started to attack Dwaraka with rockets and laser beams from the sky, and Krishna with his celestial chariot was intercepting them with a celestial bow, (missiles), in that act though Krishna was able to defeat Salwa, the city of Dwaraka was destroyed and people abandoned the city and after which the city was submerged beneath the ocean waters.
A view of Dwaraka island from the mainland india
King Salwa with His Flying Vimana

Indraprastha (City of the god Indra/Zeus):
Krishna Orders Mayasura to Construct Palace to the Pandavas
Krishna Orders Mayasura to Construct Palace to the Pandavas

Another city mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, the city Indraprastha was a capital city of the Pandavas, and the city was built by Mayasura, a chief architect of Asuras and Danavas, According to the texts the palace was constructed using rough materials composed entirely of gems and precious stones, the pillars and walls were completely made of gold, and the palace was so tall that their tops touched the cars of the gods, the pace was guarded by 8,000 Rakshasas called Kinkaras, such was the might of the Indraprastha. It is believed that Indraprastha is present-day New Delhi, the capital city of India; an archeological survey of India has found traces of this lost city inside what is today known as Purana Qila, an old fort built by Mughal emperor Humayun.

Teotihuacan (the place where the gods were created):

As I have mentioned in other articles, that the earth had a presence of more than one kind or race of Extraterrestrials, in which Devas(gods) dominated Asia, Africa, and Europe, America’s were dominated by Asura’s, Danavas, and Nagas. Once Mayasura finished his task of building Mayasabha in Indraprastha for the Pandavas by the request of Krishna he moved to his own capital which is present-day America (Patala),  the culture of asuras flourished in America and there is a lot of evidence that proves the connection between ancient Vedic and Mayan civilizations, as per the Aztecs beliefs, Toltecs as their intellectual and cultural predecessors and referred them as artisans, and could this could be the reason why Mayasura the chief of the Toltecs was appointed to construct a palace in India?,  What surprises the archeologists is that there is no information on when and who built those structures, and per the recent studies, there were very few human-related findings in the area, which once again confirms our quest for extraterrestrials presence in this place.

Atlantis (Island of Atlantis):

The story of Atlantis can be found in the book of Timaeus and Critias written by Plato, the story of Atlantis was told to Plato bySolon and solon from an Egyptian priest, the story is believed to have occurred 11,000 years ago, which is quite similar to the incident of Dwaraka. According to the story, the island of Atlantis was ruled by the federation of kings and gods, who possessed advanced navigation and warfare skills, the city was protected from the gods, due to the conflict within the federation a war broke down and the city was destroyed and submerged due to rise in sea levels.
Though the traces of ruined cities of Dwaraka, Indraprastha, and Teotihuacan have been found, no traces of Atlantis have ever been discovered, so many consider the city of Atlantis to be a Myth, which is yet to be proven in the coming years.

Though there are many other ancient cities and structures such as Pyramids in Giza, city of Babylonia, they are believed to be constructed by humans under the supervision of gods, whereas the above-mentioned cities were constructed by gods themselves using superior construction materials and precious celestial gems, and the cities of Dwaraka, Indraprastha, Teotihuacan, and Atlantis was exclusively used by gods themselves as per the ancient scriptures. The Mysterious part of these cities is their time frame! The submerging of the city of Atlantis and Dwaraka, The attack on the City of Babylonia by gods, Construction of the Pyramids of the Giza, Great wars, and finally ended with the Great Flood/Deluge, leaves us with the question of what were they trying to do? Did they Try to Erase their traces on earth? Or were they trying to eliminate us? If so why did they order the selected prophets across the earth to construct a ship and load them with humans and other species of animals? Or did they try to eliminate specific life forms that they brought from their host planet? Let’s discuss these topics in upcoming posts.

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