Extraterrestrial/Alien Races Believed to have Visited Earth in Ancient times.

When we go through ancient mythological texts irrespective of the region and culture, there’s a high chance of noticing strange and mysterious creatures mentioned in the stories with abnormal body features with incredible skills and strength. As per most of the ancient texts, they also possessed incredible technologies that are beyond descriptions, and they (scriptures) have also mentioned that they came from distant stars.
When these many cultures have documented these beings, this cannot be some fantasy, they might have witnessed something extraordinary which they considered divine, and it doesn’t make sense to consider those incidents as myth without proper considerations.
As I mentioned in my previous articles there was a presence of more than one extraterrestrial beings back on earth with varied interests, let’s take a look at a few of the extraterrestrial beings mentioned in our ancient texts, who were dwelling on the earth.


This race of extraterrestrial beings is often considered as gods in many civilizations due to their nature of protecting mankind and order on earth from other races of extraterrestrials who were barbaric towards humans and exploited earth’s resources. They are claimed to be the most divine beings among all with advanced technologies and tactical warfare made them superior to any other race. Humans often considered Devas as gods as they tried to push back other races of extraterrestrials who were exploiting resources of the earth, and they did promote human sovereignty over the earth.


As I have mentioned in my previous article, Did Ancient Gods Refill the Oceans of the Earth! these were the first race of extraterrestrials to make a settlement on earth as refugees due to their conflicts with Devas, who were technologically much more advanced than Giants. Over time Giants overpowered gods in all aspects except their way of conduct, they treated all life on earth as a second class being including devas, and that mysterious energy that sustains the whole of cosmos, which created humans and gods themselves did intervene to defeat the Giants on earth which led to the decline of Giants empires on earth, and devas once again ruled over the universe, that led to the peace in the universe.


These beings were allies with the giants/Danavas in defeating the gods, and once the giant’s empires have perished on earth they took over as their successors on earth, though they were not as powerful as giants, still, they had the capability to conquer the whole of the universe with the backup of giants, the Asuras focused on mining the earth’s sources and turned humans as their slaves, which was against the interest of devas, as devas thought of providing sovereignty to humans over the earth, which led to the series of war among Asuras and devas, which we can see in our ancient religious scriptures across the earth.

Rakshasa/underworld creatures:

According to the ancient texts and tales they(rakshasa’s) descended from the faraway lower regions of the universe, and Giants, Asuras/Anunakki’s and many other advanced races of extraterrestrial beings filled their fighting forces with these beings to wage wars, on earth they scattered their numbers across and formed small settlements around the earth, they consumed almost any creature they had in their view including humans, they raided cities of humans plundered farms and destroyed the human civilizations, over the period other extraterrestrial races who had a keen interest in protecting humans fought with Rakshasa’s and eliminated their race on earth.


These creatures are often considered to be divine in nature, their presence can be found all around the earth, they had stable relations with other extraterrestrial races, and their appearance is described as a half-human half-snake, they had a unique feature of taking any form at their will including human, they constructed few secret settlements across the earth, and their presence is still present on earth, they had the nature of helping humans which made them divine among humans and praying the idols of reptilians can be witnessed still in few parts of the globe. Due to their divine nature, their signs are still used on humans flags and logos across the world.


These are one of the most fascinating and mysterious creatures found in our ancient texts across the world with different names, with the appearance of Half-human half-horse, according to the ancient stories these beings centaurs were created by gods as a result of a mating between horse and humans. These beings were believed to be intelligent and strong, and they also fought many battles alongside gods.


These creatures, though not considered to be gods, as per the ancient Hindu scriptures these creatures are the subordinates of the devas, Giants and advanced divine beings they also act the messengers between humans and gods, they are also said to be the most beautiful looking beings in the universe, and they also have the duty of entertaining the gods with their songs and dance in the assembly of devas, in the city of Indra/Zeus.

There are many other extraterrestrial creatures mentioned in our ancient texts, but these beings played a prominent role in shaping our civilizations and cultures, but our ancestors mistakenly considered these beings as gods. But many of our ancestors failed to understand that there is an energy that created the universe and everything within it, that includes humans as well as other advanced extraterrestrial beings, the energy which I have mentioned in my previous article. How Ancient Gods Directed Humans Towards our Destiny