Spacecrafts/U.F.O's used by ancient beings and the written proof of their existence | VAIMANIKA SHASTRA

Did ancient beings on our planet have technology that was advanced enough to travel through space and time ?!
Schematics of two ancient Vimanas

We all know how the new videos of UFOs keep trending in the news, and how they make way for new conspiracies, and the boggling amount spent by governments on space agencies to hunt the extraterrestrial intelligence and to improve our space travel capabilities, but have you ever wondered how much did our ancestors knew about those UFOs in ancient times?
In Hindu texts and scriptures, There are several texts related to "Vaimanika Shastra". It was published in 1952 and makes the claim that the vimanas mentioned in ancient Sanskrit epics were advanced aerodynamic flying vehicles. It clearly stated that there were three classes of Vimanas (spacecrafts) according to the Yugas (ages)

  • Maantrikaas - Vimanas of Treta Yuga 
  • Taantrikaas - Vimanas of Dwapar Yuga 
  • Kritakaas - Vimanas of Kali Yuga

In the very first age i.e.  Krita Yuga, there was not any kind of Vimana. The species in that period of time was so much devoted to their dharma that they didn't need to go through yogic discipline to attain special powers. Practicing mantras secured extraordinary results. Going in the sky with the speed of wind with their own volition was natural to them.
Maantrikaas are of 25 varieties and  worked by the influence of mantras, Taantrikaas are 56 varieties worked on the prevalence of tantras,
Due to the decadence of both mantras and tantras, Vimanas are of the artificial type in Kaliyuga and are of 25 types. 

These ancient Vimanas used extremely well-developed technology. In fact, the earlier ones mostly made use of every possible aspect of nature like air, solar glow, water, smoke Few of them even used liquid mercury as a source of fuel to produce energy and also for making mirrors that could convert one form of energy to other required form through a series of process. Plus they had subdivided these natural sources of energy into various grades.That's why these modern ones which we use and we will be using in the future were called artificials. 
Following are some yantras (instruments/machines/tech) Which these ancient Vimanas used as parts of their flying machines.

  • Antaraala - In the windswept atmosphere region of the sky, in the clash at the borders of mighty currents, an inadvertent plane is likely to be smashed into pieces. But by getting warned of the approach of such danger spots, the plane could be halted and steered with care. So, basically it acts like a radar or something like that but even more developed with turbulence warning ahead too.
  • Goodha - By harnessing the powers Yaasaa, Viyaasa , prayaasa, in the 8th atmospheric layer covering the earth, to attract the dark content of solar rays and use it to hide the vimana from the enemy.
  • Drishya - By collision of the electric power and wind power in the atmosphere, a glow is created whose reflection is to be caught in the mirror at the front of the vimana and by its manipulation produce a Maaya Vimana or camouflaged vimana.
  • Adrishya - By means of Vynarathya Vikrama and other powers in the heart center of the solar mass, attract the force of the ethereal flow in the sky, producing thereby to white cover, which will make the vimana invisible.
  • Paroksha - A paralyzing force is generated and opposing Vimanas are paralysed and put out of action.
  • Aparoksha - Things in front of the vimana are made visible.
  • Viroopa Karana - the terrifying shape of the vimana will emerge, causing utter fright to onlookers.
  • Tamomaya - Produce utter darkness of a new moon at noonday.
  • Pralaya - Destroy everything as in a cataclysm
  • Saarpa Gamana - Vimana will have a zig-zagging motion like a serpent.
  • Chaapala - 4087 rev per hour atmospheric wave speed will be generated and shake up the enemy plane.
  • Parashabda Grahaka - Hear the talks and sounds in enemy planes flying in the sky.
  • Roopaakarshana - Obtain a television view of things inside an enemy plane.
  • Kriyagrahana - All activities going on down below on the ground, will be projected on the screen.
  • Stabdhaka - People in enemy planes will be made unconscious. 
  • Taara - appearance of star sprangled sky is created. This particular view of UFO in the sky was recently caught on camera which resembles to the working of this yantra to a great extent.
  • Jyotirbhaava -  Using different forces of nature which we are still unaware of, a rich glow of like the morning glow of the sun will be produced. The following picture was posted on the social media. People were describing this as  'strange sunset'. But it was actually an UFO. This is exactly how the Jyotirbhaava yantra works. There are many incidents recorded of the strange sun-like objects being spotted in our skies in the last few years.

A large number of schematics of these vimanas were found to be in Pyramidal shape. And a lot of them resembled the structures we have today in the form of various temples and pyramids.

similarities in design between the ancient vimanas and one of the Hindu temple

We know already that some of the schemes, those aircraft were using liquid mercury as the fuel. Surprisingly, lakes of liquid mercury have been found beneath several pyramids in the Mexico region. Does this mean, our ancient pyramids are somehow related to the UFOs?! It's possible.  After a detailed study, our modern-day scientists have said that the energy sufficient enough to fly an aircraft can't be extracted from liquid mercury with any process that's available to us today. That alone tells us that we're far from being a technologically advanced species.
Since, there is no material proof of the existence of such vehicles, people think that it's fiction. It's a common belief that these types of texts were only myths and were written just to make people believe in God to establish religions. This belief is still strongly agreed upon as people think that there are no proofs that are good enough to prove their claims, which is a very common misconception. It's right there but needs a better effort to find the hidden truth.

There's ample evidence that extraterrestrials have been visiting us regularly since the dawn of time. The skull of the doom for one, which was found by Mitchell Hedges under a collapsed altar inside a temple in Lubaantun, is a more than 2000 years old artifact that looks like a modern piece of art carved using a machine. It's a skull made of a single block of clear quartz. This kind of work isn't possible unless and until it's done with a proper highly advanced technology. And you can feel a different kind of energy around it.

Also, There are countless inscriptions of the Gods and other beings in various parts of the world who didn't look like people from our civilization. We choose to turn a blind eye them. Recently, there was a discovery which was a sort of an electromagnetic device dating 20,000 year old and what's surprising is that the copper coil was infused in the rock as if it's part of the rock. The guy who found it refused to give it for further analysis after dating.

Here's the link to the video related to that discovery

Conclusively, the actual truth is that it's just a misconception that our technology is the best our species has developed since life commenced on earth. In fact, it's the least efficiency level that we have been able to produce. Several Highly advanced species have left Earth in our ancient past well before the extinction events.

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