The Lost Contact of the Aliens | What Changed?

What Changes Happened on Earth After the Extraterrestrials/Aliens Contact in Ancient Times.
Though you might be reading this post on your screen in an idle and comfortable position, actually you’re not! The earth is rotating and revolving around our sun, and our solar system is moving around the black hole in the middle of our Milky Way galaxy, our galaxy is moving, our universe is expanding and so on, what I am trying to explain is that nothing in this cosmos is intact or idle, everything is bound by time, everything is moving, change is constant across the universe. And if something has to go under change there are both internal and external factors that push something to under change, and we humans are no different as we are a part of this cosmos and bound by its law.
What baffles the minds of scientists and archaeologists is that humans took millions of years to evolve from earlier apes to modern humans with very slow changes and advancement, which is quite natural for every species to adapt to the changes of their surroundings. But, in the past 15000 years, the pace of humans evolution was quite different the development of humans intellect, knowledge, technology grown in an incredible rate, something was not quite normal, something made humans evolve in a quicker pace, perhaps something outside this world made a contact with our human ancestors, and due to their superhuman qualities they were often referred as the Divine beings, Gods, Angels, elf, Giants and many more.
Another question that arises in the minds of the readers is, in this infinite universe when there are trillions of other planets, why did they choose earth? And when there are millions of species on earth why humans? Why did they help humans? Did they need us? If so, what for? These are a few of the questions which cannot be answered in a straight line, but due to those activities, earth and humans went through drastic changes that transformed us into what we are today. Let us take a look at few of the earliest changes that humans have gone through when they came in contact with Extraterrestrials/Aliens:

Rise of Human civilizations:

With the help of those beings, humans who were present only in a small part of the earth scattered across the earth, and numerous cities, cultures, languages rose everywhere, and they (aliens)  usually appointed a capable human to administer the province. But for some unknown reasons, those beings corrupted the languages and cultures and encouraged rivalry among other human civilizations who were supported by a different extraterrestrial race, as per a few texts.

Trade Alliances:

As I have mentioned in many of my articles there was more than one race of extraterrestrial race on earth, each race sharing a portion of land, and oftentimes fought for the monopoly/Supremacy on earth. These situations made those alien races very competitive, to display their might they chose a human civilization, transferred their technologies, built magnificent structures as a symbol of power. And there is a little evidence of trade practices between those beings and humans such as precious minerals, herbs, animals, birds, and many other things which are rare and consumable by gods were often donated by humans to gods. This practice of donating gold and other rare objects to gods can still be witnessed in few parts of the world.

Advancements in Architecture:

This was the period many megalithic structures rose across the world, those beings often ordered the construction of certain structures to that human administrator/Rulers who have been appointed by them, with human slaves and extraterrestrial technology and supervision created some incredible structures. Not all the structures built by them were equal, few buildings were built as their landing pads and control center, few were built as residences for them and their guests from other planets, few were built as extraction centers, where collected resources were gathered and exported to their home planets. Later on, humans learned the science of architecture from those beings(gods)  and were passed onto later generations as one of their own. Most of the ancient architecture resembled the technology and culture of those extraterrestrial beings, for instance, most of the temples in southern parts of India resembles a vimana (flying crafts) which was used by ancient gods, the operation and features are detailed in an ancient text called Vaimānika Shāstra
Hindu temple resembling vimana | flying UFO
A Hindu temple designed aerodynamically, resembling ancient Vimana

Idol worship:

Sometimes the human kings who were appointed by those beings in devotion used to display a portrait or a statue of those beings (Gods) who were aiding and protecting that province, and civilians used to gather around the statue to pay respect to those deities, the human successors used to display their own image/Statue in public places alongside the gods, the culture which still exists across the world. On the other hand, the practice of paying respect to the ancient deities, decorating those idols with rare and expensive jewels still continues till date primarily in Hinduism, some Hindus believes that God blesses and protects those who donate gold and other precious herbs and minerals, the practice which can be traced when humans and extraterrestrial beings were having a trade alliance. Usually, one human civilization was nourished and protected by one race of extraterrestrial beings, who were considered as gods in that civilization; and another race of Extraterrestrials, who were gods to their rival human civilizations was considered as demons back there, vice versa.
Lord venkateshwara | vishnu | krishna
An Hindu idol which has been decorated with gold and other precious stones and flowers

Birth of Super-humans:

Oftentimes primarily in greek, roman, and Hindu Mythologies, we come across an incident when gods have sexual intercourse with humans, that produced offspring of gods who were considered to have supernatural powers and incredible physical strength. Those beings who couldn’t wage a direct war against their rivals took this decision of creating a new breed of humans who were much superior in all aspects. and gods provided those superhumans with proper training in Administration, Warfare, and celestial weapons, and technologies. Over time those newly created superhumans waged wars across and overthrew human kings and fought with rival extraterrestrial beings too, which led large scale wars leading to the downfall of extraterrestrials' presence on earth.


Though they arrived, they helped, humans flourished, and shockingly they took back everything! Yes, when we go through our ancient texts there is mentioning of great kingdoms, flying crafts, time travel, flying cities, and many more. And where are they now? Did they take back all those technologies? And how? There is a mentioning of stories of advanced cities that were ruled by divine beings which will eventually get destroyed by wars and floods namely Dwaraka, Atlantis, Babylonia, and many more. So, they provoke wars between humans? Were they scared of humans advancements? Are they still influencing humans to fight against each other in the sake of countries which is an illusionary boundary drawn by us? Are they still keeping humans in check? Let's discuss these topics in the upcoming articles.

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