Proofs that the ancient beings knew the true geometry and hidden secrets of our Universe

You might have crossed paths with a "flat-earther" at some or the other point in your life. Actually, they are sort of interesting people because if you listen to them carefully, you'll realize that they chose to believe in a theory that has been invalidated more than enough times by well-known experts in the past. It has come to a point that any professional of the related field of expertise now just opts to ignore any question related to this topic. Historically the origin of this theory goes long back before the end of the Before Christ era. The Church preached that the Earth is flat and the center of the Universe and that everything revolved around us. Many people who tried to study this with better precision at that time met with a bad fate as going against the Church was one of the most dangerous things to do at that time unlike now. Church had its own teachings on various subjects which also included science. It's believed that they still have a whole archive of their several teachings and also those by the ones who went against them finding the real truth of the universe. Even Nikola Tesla's research papers that  consist of his theories on 'Death ray' and 'Free energy' are well-preserved. They were retrieved from the place where he used to work. 

There are several arguments to end this pointless debate on whether the earth is flat or round. Some of which are from modern-day science and the rest are from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures which are proven to be preached several thousand years ago, even before the Indus valley civilization period which dates back to 8000 B.C. The people from that time had enough knowledge about the shape and structure of the Universe and various possibilities out there. One might think that how is it possible to have such detailed knowledge of the universe at that period of time! Our ancient astronaut theorists suggest that they had help or there might have been a possibility of the presence of extraterrestrial beings or Gods on planet Earth since it's proven that they knew such things which our scientists have discovered only in the last century or so. 

The pro round Earth explanations are very simple. Even a 10th-grade student would easily understand that it would not have been possible for the sun to rise in one particular region of the world and set in another at the same time if the Earth was flat. And also if the Earth was at the center of the whole universe then the night skies wouldn't have been changing in appearance with the time of the year because it would then mean that the whole universe revolves around us. The whole flat Earth theory is invalidated here but there are some people who don't want to accept this fact and look for silly explanations for what they fantasize about the universe. It's a fact that if you keep moving on a straight path, you'll eventually come back to the starting are point. Ever wondered why ?! Ever wondered why your flat Earth model has earth as a flat structure but sun and moon round ?! Did you even think this through that how is it possible or what will be the origin of this theory ?! There are several written texts in our ancient holy scriptures that prove that people knew about the true geometry and the working of the universe in our prehistoric past.

According to our experts, The very first mention of the Earth being round was in the fifth century BC by the Greek astronomers and scientists. But they're wrong. Surprisingly, the Sanskrit scriptures show our planet written as 'Bhugol'. 'Bhu' meaning Earth and 'Gol' means round shaped. It's proven that the Sanskrit language is more than 7-8 thousands year old, in fact, it's even older than that but scientists have not been able to prove that much yet. New research shows that recent artifacts recovered from the Indus valley civilization are from the 8th millennium. Sanskrit is even older than this civilization. We can only imagine how far back the origin of this ancient language goes. So, it's pretty obvious that people from that era knew about the planet's true geometry. Another word to describe our world in Sanskrit was 'Jagat' which translates to that which moves. Our modern-day astronomy clearly states how the celestial bodies move out there in space. This shows that those ancient beings were well aware about how the universe works.

The Solar system was called 'Suryamalika' in Sanskrit, which means garland of the Sun. This proves that ancient beings were also aware of the fact that the Sun is the center of the solar system and planetary bodies(Garland) revolve around it and it was not the other way around. There are several  'Navgraha mandal' in various ancient temples located in modern-day India which are a collection of statues depicting the planetary system with the Sun in the middle and other planets around it. Not just the shape and structure but people also knew about what could be there on those heavenly bodies in our night skies. Not very long ago, people used to think that our Moon is white as it looked like on a clear night. It was only after the Apollo mission which landed on the moon, we came to know that the moon is actually black and it shines because of the light of the Sun. In ancient Sanskrit scripture called Atharvaveda, which is actually one of the oldest texts that were preached at very early stages of life, our Moon has been described as 'Chandra Madhi Krishnam' in one of its phrases. 'Chandra' means Moon, 'Madhi' means soil and 'Krishnam' means black. This shows that even before the time of the oldest civilizations found, people knew about the true color of the moon and the phenomenon which made it look like we see in our night skies.

Ancient beings also knew about the stars in other constellations out in the deep space as some of them were described the same way our modern-day astronomers have discovered in the recent past. It has been not even a minute in terms of the astronomical time scales that we have discovered that the closest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri (approximately 4.2 light-years away). According to ancient Sanskrit scriptures, the star which was at the same location in the night sky as Proxima Centauri was called 'Mitr' , which translates to a friend, the one who is close. Also, When people were married according to ancient cultural traditions, looking at a particular star in the sky together was a part of the tradition, which was thought to be good for the couple. This star system was called 'Arundhati Vasishta'. The stories say that Arundhati and Vasishta were supposed to be the ultimate married couple. Arundhati was a truly devoted wife and Vasishta was a great sage and a very kind and loving husband. Now, if you look into that same star system today you'll find it by the name Alcor and Mizar located in the big dipper, which is surprisingly a binary star system with both the stars revolving around each other. This shows the extent of the knowledge ancient people had. Not only stars and planets, but they also knew several things about particle physics. The modern value of light is 186,282.397 miles (299,792.46 kilometers)/sec. The ancient value of the speed of light calculated from a 'Shloka' in the ancient texts is remarkably close to this modern value. It comes out to be 185,096.165 miles/sec. The use of various compounds to their own benefits in the best possible is also described in these texts. For example, Ancient Gods and beings knew how to use Liquid mercury to generate power which was used to generate the lift of a spacecraft or even used in other things like converting one form of energy to another using the mirrors made of the same substance. To know more about this, check out my previous article on liquid mercury and its relation to ancient gods and beings. 

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