Mystical relation of the pyramids and liquid mercury to extraterrestrials

Is it possible that the pyramids had a very special role in forging our ancient history ??

People have always been drooling over the mystery behind the origin of the pyramids. They have always been that subject where people ignore all the scientific explanations and start believing in superior beings and Gods. Even science says that it's not sure about any of the explanations it gives for them. The size, structure, and dimensions are just too difficult to believe to have been constructed in those ancient times. There are over 1200 pyramids (big or small) all over the world. Out of which those from Egypt are very well known for their size, prominence, and religious significance in the ancient city of Egypt.  

My take on these unbelievable structures is that they were built and designed by beings who were not from this world, and had far more superior technology than the most developed nations today. They used every aspect of nature to their benefit without any negative effect byproduct. There have been many reports about people feeling a different kind of energy near these structures. Earlier, when climbing on these structures was allowed, a group of scientists climbed The Great Pyramid of Giza and felt a prickling sensation on their fore-fingers at the top of the pyramid. They said, "When they raised hands with their fingers spread, their ears picked up a shrill ringing noise." There are even some cases when a military aircraft having observed abnormal fluctuations on their frequency radar while flying above some of these structures. These are some clear evidence for the presence of mysterious energy in and around these structures.

The holy 'Kailash mountain' which was home to Lord Shiva from Hindu scriptures,  is also theorized to be some kind of pyramid because of its build and its certain characteristics that have been covered from flora because of the ages that have passed. These abnormal characteristics involved a faster flow of time at the base as many tourists found their hair and nails growing at a faster rate while they were there. There are two lakes at the base of the mountain namely 'Mansarovar lake' and 'Rakshasa lake'. It's very weird that one of them is a freshwater lake and the other one salty, though they are just a few miles apart; There's no sign of a seashore anywhere near to this region. The Rakshasa lake is always found to be in a disturbed condition and the Mansarovar lake is always calm. There's a different kind of energy surrounding both the lakes.

Many scientists believe that these pyramids create some sort of global network that had some purpose together for the ancient extraterrestrial beings who were here but have left long ago.

In Netflix's 2016 documentary, 'The Pyramid Code',

Archaeologists and theorists claim the ancient Egyptians God's used pyramids to get more healthy energy. It appears as though they were attempting to control the flow of this energy and use it for their own purpose. The documentary suggests that these were "energy pyramids" created to conduct energy or alter frequencies over large areas of land. 

The only thing missing in the Great Pyramid of the Giza to function as a power plant was a source of energy. According to many theorists, the water flowing from beneath, through underground cavities produced physio-electricity. But, there were no such energy harnessing devices found here. 

I have mentioned in my previous post related to Vaimanika Shastra that liquid mercury was used by Gods and ancient extraterrestrial beings, as a primary source of fuel in some of their flying vehicles to generate energy to fly their Vimanas (flying machines) and for making mirrors that could could convert one form of energy to other. Several lakes of the same substance were found beneath many pyramids in Mexico where Mayans used to reside.

I personally believe that liquid mercury could have been some kind of energy-producing source if used in some devices with certain mechanisms. 

Now, what I am going to tell you will be hard to take in because of some restrictions that are put on people because of the divinity of the place and the idol of the concerned deity. But if you are a strong believer in the stories about ancient Gods and beings which are or could actually be true then you will be equally surprised as I was after finding out the possible truth. There's a temple situated in the Orissa region of India in Puri village known as 'Jagannath temple'. It is a temple of Lord Krishna who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, The preserver of the worlds which is what exactly the name of the temple means. Here, the idol of Lord Krishna is replaced every 12 years. 

What's interesting is that there's a heart or something like it that stays the same in every idol and has been preserved from the Before Christ era. According to the story, this heart(that's what they call it)  is a metallic piece of a machine that was left over after Lord Krishna's body was burnt upon his death. This looked like some kind of rotor mechanism which started vibrating and rotating whenever it came in contact with light and also electricity flowed through it. It resembled the divine and invincible weapon of Lord Vishnu, 'Sudarshan Chakra' which Lord Krishna used to invoke only when it was extremely necessary. So the King who realized what it was, built a temple of Lord Krishna and put this heart into this idol. But it was necessary for the people responsible for making these idols to wear gloves and blindfolds while working on the idol. Also, it was important to do this in a place without light. Last time, when the heart was being replaced from the old idol to the newer ones, the whole town went dark for 15 minutes. It could be totally a coincidence though.

Some 50 years ago, while doing the honors of replacing the heart, one of the priests saw it by mistake and described that it looked like an advanced technology with a silver liquid dripping from it. Several ancient astronaut theorists claim that it could be liquid mercury. Could this be a reason for making a wooden idol, not a metallic or rocky one like others ?!  Could this also be a reason for the degradation of the idol due to which it has to be replaced every 12 years ?! Well, that's what they say, at least.

Watch this video for more information on what's being called Lord Krishna's heart.

Even the Bhaskara wheel, from which Leonardo da Vinci designed his perpetual motion wheel used liquid mercury to rotate the wheel for generating free energy. This liquid mercury-based rotor mechanism for producing lifts of ancient Vimanas and activating Krishna's heart(or whatever it is believed to be), using the same for unknown reasons in pyramids points to only one thing, that ancient beings had a very advanced use of this substance, which our species can't even imagine, as we can't produce energy sufficient to even drive a supercar from liquid mercury. Hinduism believes in one god, one universal being/energy with 3 different aspects. These are called by different names, one of them famously mentioned as "Vishnu" (meaning Energy), alongside Vishnu there are a lot of different deities mentioned who were considered to be the higher beings from higher worlds who frequently visits earth to direct our path, who are in new terms called as extraterrestrials/Aliens!

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