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Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve
The story of Adam and Eve, who are believed to be the first humans created by God in the garden of Eve is very much familiar with the followers of Abrahamic religions across the globe. For those who have never heard of this story, The story goes like this as per the Book of Genesis, The God creates the heavens and the earth, he constructs a garden in the Eden and plants every kind of tree that is pleasant to the eyes and plants the tree of life also in the midst of the garden and creates the first man(Adam) in his own image to take care of the garden, God instructed Adam that he can eat all sort of fruits grown in the garden except the tree of life. To accompany Adam God creates every beast of the ground and the fowl of the air, and Adam gave names to every creature. While Adam was asleep God took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh instead thereof, and called her women, they (Adam and Eve) were living naked in the Eden without any shame.

And after a while, when the god was not in the garden. The serpent influenced the women(Eve) to consume the fruit from the tree of life so her eyes would open. Therefore, she plucked one of the fruit from the tree of knowledge and ate it and gave it to her husband Adam too, after which their eyes were opened up, they started feeling shy and covered themselves with leaves as earthly nature and thoughts were opened up in Adam and Eve. once God knew all of those acts done by Adam and Eve said, “Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever” and drove away Adam and Eve away from the garden and placed cherubs and a sword to protect the tree of life.

And, what's not familiar here is that the tree of life is not unique to Abrahamic religions, rather it can be found across the globe in all major religious texts! From ancient Mesopotamian texts to Hinduism texts, from Judaism to Ancient American cultures, with varied attributes. Some Hinduism texts say that the tree is a wish-fulfilling tree, while Chinese and Sumerian texts describe it to be the tree that provides knowledge and immortality to the gods.

devas(gods) guarding the tree of life(Kalpavriksha)
Devas(gods) headed by Indra guarding the tree of life(Kalpavriksha)
Ashur guarding the tree of life, from ancient mesopotamia
Ashur guarding the tree of life, from ancient Mesopotamia

One thing is for sure here, the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of life might be the external factor we discussed in the previous articles that influenced and pushed the humans to evolve and adapt to the changes at a fast pace, while no other species could. So, where/what is the origin of that divine tree? What if humans never consumed it? And what are the consequences of that act faced by humans and god?

Though most of the ancient religious texts have written about the existence and basic features of that divine tree, there's none that has detailed writing about the tree, because those texts mention that, the life of the tree is a portable tree that can be moved freely and highly protected in the heaven surrounded by powerful and armed celestial beings. According to the earliest sources of Hinduism, the tree of life was obtained when the gods and demons allied to churn the cosmic ocean to obtain the divine nectar that would make them immortal, but, once the churning process was over, the gods disagreed to share the nectar with demons which led to the series of wars between them. Since then the chief of gods Zeus/Indra/Ashur had control over divine nectar and the tree of life. The carvings and paintings of celestial beings protecting the tree of life can be seen in ancient Sumerian and Hindu carvings.

According to the Sumerian clay tablets when the gods first created humans in the likeness of gods to use them as laborers in mining resources on earth, they were unable to reproduce on themselves, so Enki and Ninki modified the new human species so the that they can self-reproduce and sustain independently. But, everything changed in the garden of Eden when the serpent influenced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of life, which did make humans intelligent and think for themselves just like gods! If so, what would humans be like if they hadn't eaten that fruit? to answer this we need to have a look at one of the famous character in the book of Mahabharatha named Draupadi also called Yagnaseni (the one who came out of fire sacrifice) according to the texts Draupadi was born in a fire sacrifice as a full-grown woman(supernatural birth, conducted by her father. As a result, she didn’t possess the level of thinking and behavior of normal humans, she was considered to be very innocent and kind-hearted, she also got married to five men(Polyandry) which was not normal and acceptable at that period.

Draupadi emerging the sacrificial fire as a fully grown women
Draupadi emerging the sacrificial fire as a fully grown women

And what about the knowledge that humans obtained from the fruit of the tree of life! The knowledge and intelligence that was equal to the gods themselves. The theory of evolution says that humans did evolve from primitive to advanced beings over time, but religious scriptures say vice-versa, according to the Purana's human intelligence, physical strength, and life span decreases after each Yuga. Could this be the reason why we can see some of the most magnificent architecture constructed by our ancestors with primitive technology cannot be reconstructed with modern-day technology? If we think carefully, we can notice that when the ancient human civilizations and empires were at their prime some there arose many wars and conflicts between humans with the backup and support of the gods? Why did they promote wars? Were they insecure about human intelligence? Were they distracting us from using our intelligence to its full potential? When we consider those incidents to today’s situations of conflicts, wars, terrorism, land disputes, economic sanctions, it’s no different from that time, does it mean that They are still present here on the earth and distracting humans from developing? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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