Why Ancient Aliens/Gods Deserted Planet Earth?

Many who have the read or read the ancient texts that contain a lot of stories and incidents describing different gods and goddesses, reptilians, Giants, Angels, Elf, and a lot more divine creatures who descended from the heavens to help humanity with their divine powers and wandered across the earth aiding humans to evolve with their celestial spaceships, constructed few magnificent structures, and Alas! They just disappeared from the earth without a sign or a trace, and nowhere to be found today.
So, who were they? Why did they come to the earth? Why did they help humans? And finally, why did they leave? To know the answers we need to look at this question from two different angles, the problems they faced on earth mentioned in ancient texts, and the theories provided by modern-day researchers. So, let's take a look at a few of the difficulties and struggles faced by ancient gods when they wandered on earth:

Time Dilation:

This was the major factor why gods didn’t stay back for a long time as per the ancient Hindu texts the time runs too fast on earth, one day in heaven was one year on earth as per the texts, so the gods might have kept their stay on earth quick and short, According to the text of  Sūrya Siddhānta the gods(Devas’s) life span is 4.5 million human years. When I asked a similar question about the effect of time dilation between earth and a hypothetical planet where time runs slower than the earth to one of the astrophysicists of NASA their answer was quite similar,

Hi and thanks for your question.  While the alien was on Earth, it
would experience time the same way as it always had and the
Same way as humans do. To be precise and not speculate about
alien biology, let's say if they brought a watch based on a quartz
crystal clock it would tick at the same rate as a quartz watch from
Earth.  Where they would notice the difference would be when
they returned to their home planet where time had been running
More slowly.  They would find that they had aged more than their
friends that had stayed behind and that their watch was way
ahead of their friend's watches, despite the fact that they now
Seem to be ticking at exactly the same rate.

Limitations of technology:

According to the ancient scriptures, when the gods stayed on the earth they did face many restrictions and difficulties in using their technologies on using their technologies than their home planet, due to the lack of landing pads on earth their reach and influence was limited. And their mother ship(flying cities) was so huge that it was not possible to land, so the flying cities (mother ship) of gods were always floating in the sky, while the gods touched down with smaller crafts.

Rivalry among Gods:

As I have mentioned in my previous articles in ancient times the earth was ruled over by different races of extraterrestrial gods, the race of extraterrestrials who were considered as gods in one human civilization was/Might be considered as demons in another, as their gods fought against them. Those beings fought a series of wars that destroyed each other's infrastructures, which are in the state of ruins today, which would have likely caused losses financially, which could be one of the reasons for the decline.

Summit of Gods:

According to the Greek and Hindu mythological stories, gods and other divine beings meet at a summit in heaven headed by Zeus/India (Zeus/Indra is a title given to the God who leads and governs the whole of the universe) and discusses various subjects. Though there might be rivalry among those beings, still, they take part in that summit and try to form interplanetary alliances and peace treaties so that the peace, that cosmic law that governs the whole of the universe might not get disturbed due to their interests. When we have a serious look at the timeline of extraterrestrial activities on earth, firstly, they conquered the parts of the earth, then they fought among other extraterrestrial races, then they tried to free the earth from the hands of the extraterrestrial rule. As per the stories of the Puranas, though humans cannot travel to heaven with a physical body, there were few celestial sages who represented the earth, which could have created a new peace treaty among those alien races who invaded earth to free earth. But they still kept an indirect contact with the earth to keep human activities under check!

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