Creatures mentioned in ancient texts that went extinct

hindu idols
For someone who reads a bunch of ancient texts from different parts of the world and cultures, it's both amazing and confusing at the same time with a lot of incidents and questions about the universe, creation, Gods, heavens, hell, and many more. And speaking about the creation of humans, there are multiple theories and beliefs proposed by different religious texts, while few religions say that humans along with many other creatures were created as a natural evolutionary process in the universe, while few texts say that humans and other creatures were created by gods on earth with a purpose and plan.
The ancient Sumerian clay tablets mention the creation and experimenting on humans and other creatures by the deities called Anunnaki who were descendants of a planet called Nibiru. According to the Song of the hoe or the creation of the pickax, which is the creation story of the ancient Sumerians, the story that was later adapted to different religions. The gods descended from heaven at “the hill of heaven and earth” (Ekur), later texts called the hill as the Garden of Eden.
The poem says that before the arrival of gods from heaven, the humans were uncivilized and were eating grass and not bread, they wore no clothes, no shame,  many things were non-existing on earth, and mankind was brought into existence through the physical union of a god and a goddess. By these statements, many modern theorists believe that the garden of Eden might have been a research center of those beings, where modern human beings were first sprung with their advanced extraterrestrial technology (Divine seed).
This statement again leads us to a bigger question, why only humans? Why didn’t they conduct experiments on any other creature? Surprisingly, they conducted experiments on a lot of creatures on earth and created some incredible and bizarre-looking creatures that are no longer existing for various reasons!
So, let’s take a look at a few of the creatures mentioned in ancient texts that are no longer existing.


Vanaras in Ramayana
The creatures that are mentioned in the ancient Hindu tale Ramayana, these creatures were specially created by gods on the order of Lord Brahma, who is the creator god in Hinduism, to aid the human king Rama of Ayodhya in defeating the Asura king Ravana. As per the orders of Brahma, the devas mated with the monkeys to create hybrid creatures who were much more powerful and more intelligent than humans.


sphinx statue
This hybrid creature of half men and half-lion can be found in many ancient religious texts such as Greek, Egyptian, Hinduism, and many ancient European cultures. Greek mythology considers the sphinx to be a threat to humankind. According to the Hindu Puranas, Vishnu created Narasimha (half-man, half-lion) to kill a giant called Hiranyakashipu. Once the giant was killed by Narasimha, the Narasimha raged on humans and other creatures on earth, so the gods created another creature to defeat Narasimha named Sharabha, an eight-legged part lion and part bird, then another creature called Gandaberunda, a two-headed eagle was created by god Vishnu to kill sharaba, where the tale ends.


A centaur/Kinnara fighting a tiger
The traces of these beings can be found all across Eurasia, from Greece to the Indus valley civilization. As per the legends, these creatures were created when a man named Centaurus the son of Ixion and Nephele mated with the magnesian mares that led to the birth of the centaur race. Very little is known about these creatures, as per those writings, they are excellent fighters and skilled in musical instruments.


A olympian god seated on Pegasus, a flying horse
Pegasus is a winged divine horse that was created from the blood of Medusa at the outer edges of the earth and later served Zeus in his stables. A similar winged creature can be found in the Islamic scriptures, named Buraq, the creature carried prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and up to the heavens and returned in an extraordinary speed, that when he returned to his sleeping chamber after a log journey his bed was still warm, indicating the sign of time dilation between heavens and earth.


These are the underwater creatures with a body looking human above the waist, and fish below the waist. These creatures are referred to as divine as well cruel in different folklore. Merman and mermaids creatures played a prominent role in Greek culture, these creatures are headed by Triton the son of Poseidon, dwelling in underwater palaces.

Apart from the above-mentioned creatures, there are numerous creatures that are created as hybrids by gods. Surprisingly, sometimes in Hindu scriptures, there are several incidents where gods cutoff human-looking heads and replaced them with animal heads such as elephants (Ganesha) and Goat (Daksha) as an act of punishment. Considering these activities and incidents that had happened on earth, we can consider that these beings used the earth as the ground of experiments, and created hybrid creatures that would benefit their interests. And once their mission was accomplished that could have destroyed those hybrids, which were against the cosmic law and washed their hands off.