Technologies used by Ancient Gods/Aliens to Reach the Earth

Ancient flying chariot mentioned in Ramayana, originally used by demon king Ravana
Ancient flying chariot mentioned in Ramayana, originally used by demon king Ravana
We all know that our universe is vast, young, and still expanding at an incredible rate. We also know that light is the fastest thing in the universe, and nothing can travel faster than light. And considering these limitations and the distances between the celestial bodies still we strive to develop the technology that can make our dream of interstellar travel possible to find new planets or possibly new homes. But, considering the human’s lifespan and the vast distance to cover, even the speed of light seems insufficient to truly explore the universe.
But, how did those ancient astronauts/Extraterrestrials who were mistakenly considered as gods by our ancestors were able to reach the earth and other parts of the universe within their life span, breaking the speed of light barrier? Surprisingly, as I have mentioned multiple times in the past, there are multiple pieces of evidence that multiple races of extraterrestrials have visited earth in ancient times, they contributed substantially to human developments, and they fought among themselves for control over the earth.
There is a lot of documented evidence in ancient texts and folklore, how those divine beings were able to reach the earth from the heavens at incredible speeds with ease. According to those texts apart from technologies, there are a lot of factors that did favor their space journeys.
Few of the oldest texts such as the Vedas, the holy bible and the Quran mentions an invisible pillar/ladder between the heavens and the earth that were used by the gods and other divine creatures to travel between planets, which I have mentioned in my previous article elaborately.
The ancient texts also speak about the time dilation between the earth and heaven, the example the Quran [22:47] states that “One day in paradise is considered equal to a thousand years on earth”. The MiÊ¿raj (ladder) he found all the previous prophets who walked on earth thousands of years before him. And there are many other divine celestial messengers and demigods that did reappear after hundreds of human years mentioned primarily in Hinduism and other ancient folklore.
And there is this mysterious technology mentioned in the ancient texts that are believed to be possessed by the gods, a technology that can transfer the soul from one body to another for their convenience. There are a lot of incidents mentioned in ancient times when gods used this technology to gain advantages. For example, Zeus takes the form of a swan to seduce Isra and Mir‘aj, the Angel Gabriel prepares prophet Muhammed’s body to travel by opening his heart and blemishes part of it, washes it, and puts it back in its place, and stitches his chest. After which Gabriel was transported to different heavens on a creature named Buraq, and returned in a fraction of time, through the divine invisible ladder. 

This incident gives us a clue that they possessed the technologies to perform critical surgeries in a short and easy way, and they also possessed a traveling technology that is much faster than the speed of light. As I have mentioned earlier, not every extraterrestrial creature mentioned in the texts was equal, they had differences, they had varied interests and visions towards humans and earth, some were considered as gods, while few as evil and demons. But strangely, even the gods did promote humans to diversify, create new languages, cultures, and beliefs and promoted humans to wage wars among human civilizations from ancient times to the present day. These characters of those beings crave us to rethink and review their divinity, their real intention, I think no good or divine creature that seeks good does promote violence, creates conflicts and political, regional, lingual instability unless they have some intentions and benefits, this is something we need to think and discuss further.