Trade between Ancient Aliens and Humans!


We in our daily lives take most of the things for granted without realizing their real worth in a broader sense which the universe has to offer. There's also a popular saying that " One man's trash is another man's treasure", we, in the name of welfare, Luxury, and the development of States are damaging a lot of non-renewable natural resources. Though a particular resource might be abundant on earth, but not on another planet and vice-versa.

For example, we consider a diamond to be a rare and precious stone on the earth, but diamonds are abundant on other planets, there are many planets that are made out of diamonds! This is the reason why many space agencies are eager to begin mining resources on other planets, which are scarce on our home planet. We take our earth and its diversity for granted and ravage its resources for a better tomorrow, but what about a day after tomorrow? Today many space agencies are hunting for Earth-like planets for decades, analyzing hundreds of planets each day in the hope of a second home, but the results are close to none. By this, we need to understand that our earth and the diversity of resources on it is the rarest of the rarest in our universe.

The same can be observed while we take a look at the different ancient manuscripts from ancient Mesopotamia, India, and pre-Columbian American civilizations, as per these civilizations stories, their gods descended from the heavens and blessed them with knowledge, health, and prosperity. and in return, they paid back them by helping them in construction and sacrificing valuable resources.

Different civilizations point towards different stars as the origin or a home planet of their gods with varied stories, but few things are quite common. Firstly, they(Gods) fought with other gods and they traded their technology with human societies in exchange for resources. The resources mined by those beings varied from region to region, as different parts of the earth were occupied or ruled by different beings as per a treaty set by them after long wars fought between those beings for dominion over the earth, of which we can read in many texts such as Hindus Puranas, Clay tablets from Mesopotamia, and several stories from greek sources.

Another important point to be noted while looking at ancient human societies are most of the customs of today's are practices of the past! We sometimes follow rituals and practices without ever questioning why these kinds of rituals came into existence. Among these ancient practices, one of the most common practices that were followed across the globe is the offerings to gods and goddesses in exchange for blessings. The word blessing is not what we consider today, it has a broader scope! The blessing can also be a promise from the gods of fulfilling their wishes for the exchange of Devotion and offerings.

Not all of those blessings were the same, the exchanges were done from small tribes to powerful kings of those times. some anticipated health and wellbeing in the form of medical sciences whereas few exchanged the resources for advanced weapons and other advanced sciences for an upper hand over their rivals. So, what exactly were those extraterrestrial beings looking for on the earth? What were the resources they exchanged with our ancestors for the exchange of their advanced sciences? Let's take a look at a few of the most commonly exchanged resources that were exchanged in ancient times with those divine beings.


This is the most traded commodity among humans and those extraterrestrial beings and is most commonly discussed among theorists. The minerals such as Gold, mercury, copper, silver, and other precious stones were highly exchanged with gods as per the ancient manuscripts.


As per many popular stories of ancient times from India, ancient Babylonia, Greece, and the Americas, the gods ate food and drinks as we humans do, so gods were supplied with meats, fruits, drinks of different varieties that were prepared and served to them, in return gods used to bless them with health and protection from their rivals and immunity from diseases. This could be the reason why the practice of sacrificing animals to gods and goddesses can be seen today.

Herbs and Timber:

Among gods, were different ranks that had distinct tasks and purposes assigned to them. Few were assigned as administrators, few as architects, while few were researchers. The researcher's task was to study animals, plants, and other organisms on earth. These extraterrestrial researchers played a vital role in the development of cultivation and farming among human civilizations, and due to their large influence, they were worshipped as the gods of harvest or agriculture. It was the period when many plants and tree saplings were exchanged between the earth and the heavens. And the most popular plant which is believed to be descended from heaven is Brahma Kamala (Saussurea obvallata), according to the book of Ramayana.

Human beings:

This might be strange and shocking to believe but the ancient extraterrestrials beings did capture human beings for several reasons. Many theorists believe that human abduction by aliens might be used for conducting studies on human bodies. But, in those ancient times, there was another reason why human beings were traded with those divine beings. Those extraterrestrial beings while arriving on the earth also brought some other giant creatures as their laborers, those creatures consumed a lot of food, resulting in a shortage of wild animals and grains, so they began to consume human meat. This practice of sacrificing humans to giants and gods can be seen in many ancient texts such as Mahabharata and also in Mayan civilizations.

These are a few of the major exchanges that were happening between our human ancestors and those extraterrestrial beings. But, apart from these, there was an incredible thing which was the secret of their immortality(long life),  about which I will be writing in the upcoming posts.