Free Books and Resources

Free Books and Resources

These are a few of the important books, and a few free resources,  I'd love to refer to and would suggest having a look at who are curious to know the ancient history and mysteries on their own. Books range from Hinduism to Greek mythology to books written on ancient Sumerian tablets, that holds a lot of unsolved mysteries and broadens our understanding of our untold ancient past.

Books by Zecharia Sitchin:

Books of Ancient Hinduism:

Books of Ancient Greece Religion:

Books of Christianity:

Books of Islam:

The Holy Qur'an with English Translation and Commentary (English and Arabic Edition)

Running low on cash to afford these books? Don't worry, I've got it covered! Below is the link to download a few of the important books to view and download the ancient texts which I have mentioned above and a lot more resources to fill your curiosity of finding out our mysterious past and knowing more about those divine beings who dwelt on earth in the past.

Click here to access free PDF's of ancient texts

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